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Traveling poet. Award-nominated writer. Professional raconteur.

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About Daniel W. Wright

Daniel W. Wright lives in St. Louis, MO. A longtime writer of wild nights and whiskey tributes, Wright is a poet of the no-collar workforce. His work has appeared in print journals such as BUK100, 365 Days, and Gasconade Review. His most recent book, Love Letters from the Underground (2021, Spartan Press) is currently available for purchase.

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Love Letters from the Underground

March 20th 2021

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“If we didn’t love America so much, we wouldn’t hate America so much. That’s the spirit of Dan Wright’s Love Letters from the Underground. These poems are love letters to Americana, American dreams—some bygone, others that never existed—and a dying planet that could keep living were it not for human nature. Yet there is levity in the verse, and the book reads easy. At once a pessimistic optimist and a benevolent nihilist, Wright turns a critical yet ever-loving eye to planet and inhabitant, nation and citizen, home and self, in this maverick third full-length collection.”

-Kim Vodicka, author of The Elvis Machine

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