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So I Started an Indie Press

It’s still surreal to me. The fact that this is happening. I’ve always had the notion of “wouldn’t it be cool if…” to be a way over the wall ala Roger Corman for upcoming filmmakers in the 60s and 70s. I’ve even had the name for the press rolling in my head for a good while. I guess the final ingredient was my business partner, Kristin J. Thompson, who had a lot of the same ideas as myself.

The press we are starting is called Back of the Class Press. Our first publication will be an anthology of poetry and prose entitled, Not Ready for River Styx: Voices from the Literary Underground. The purpose of this anthology will be to highlight the incredible talent that those in the independent literature community have known about for sometime. There is no theme aside from “look at this collection of bad ass writers putting their best foots forward.”

We are looking for ten to fifteen pages, single-spaced for poetry, double-spaced for prose in a word.doc with Size 12 Times New Roman font. And that ten to fifteen pages can be whatever you want. If you have ten to fifteen short poems or pieces of flash fiction, great! If you have one long Whitman-esque song of yourself or a long short story of Fitzgerald-like nature, rock on!

All submissions must be sent to with a separate third-person author bio included. The deadline for submissions will be January 1st with release of the book being in mid to late April 2023.

For those of us involved, it’s going to be an adventure. One we hope lasts for a long while.

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